Factors which affect the foods we eat.

Written by: Rebecca Baird, May 9, 2010

There are many factors which influence how we eat and the quality of nutrition we are able to enjoy. One factor is the availability of fresh, local, whole, organic, or unprocessed foods. In many parts of the United States fresh local food is only available during the summer months. This can be a real problem for many in colder climates. These individuals are not able to get fresh fruit and vegetables during the winter months so they have to find other ways to incorporate fruit and vegetables into their diets. Many people resort to buying frozen or canned fruit and vegetables from the grocery store. Another factor which influences how we eat is cultural and economic issues. Cultural and economic realities play a large role in the availability of organic foods for many people. The culture in rural areas, such as where I grew up in Maine, is one where people live very close to the earth and realize the importance of whole, organic foods. Some of these people have many acres of organic agricultural land which the family takes care of. This assures them of the best organic produce available during the summer months. In the fall, when the harvest is in full swing, the family comes together to preserve the bounty of the harvest in jars which will be used during the cold winter months to come.Even though the economic systems in some areas have been depressed for many years, the fact is that people have been forced to go back to their natural roots and grow their own food. Many rural communities have, at their disposal, fresh, organically grown chicken and eggs, milk and beef from local farmers, usually at below market prices.


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